Reclaimed Wood Furniture Store

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Store

We are the stewards of the earth and each generation of human beings is directly responsible for the of our planet earth we leave for the next generation to deal with. For making furniture, man has always depended on trees. But a change to that attitude has become more profound with many products of our reckless behavior and the plundering of our mother earths resources.

A refined and concerned thought among those who are serious about making a change is to reuse / recycle what we have on hand. Reclaimed wood furniture is just one of the attempts that many have found both helping the environment and connecting them with the past.

A large portion of furniture that Reborn Furnishings sell is made from reclaimed wood. Most of the reclaimed wood comes from old structures that are renovated for several reasons including changes initiated due to meeting newer building codes. The reclaimed wood thus collected is often many decades old. Some of those woods are one hundred years old or even more. Furniture made with reclaimed wood bring not just functionality and style to your home, but also stories of the previous generations.

Reborn Furnishings based in Charlotte North Carolina is a reclaimed wood furniture store that has both online presence and a brick and mortar store.

One of the prominent features of the old wood furnishings is the grandeur of the pieces. Many doors of the past reveal their elegance in their hand carved designs and the brass work in their latches and hinges. Many newer mansions in US prefer to have such reclaimed doors which is hard to recreate using todays machinery.

Many of the reclaimed wood furniture pieces are used in decorating todays modern homes. Reclaimed wood Trunks are another example of what the old wood can do to the style and add functionality to today’s homes.