Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Rustic furniture in general provides calmness to your home. Bedroom is the place where you relax. Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom is important. If you like to go with a Rustic theme to your bedroom, pick the bed and all the other storage furniture that matches with the bed all in Rustic style. Here is how you can accomplish your elegant rustic bedroom furniture from start to finish.

First thing to consider is the wall color. If the color of the wall is lighter, then a darker wood furniture will bring a good contrast to it. Likewise, if the wall is darker, a lighter color of wood might be a good choice.

Once you decided on the color, Rustic Wood Bed is the one you want to start with.  Pick the style of the bed you like. For the bed, decide between plain wood headboard or an upholstered headboard. If you or your guest have a practice of reading books on the book, the upholstered headboard might be of great help and comfort.

Next comes the Rustic wood dresser, If you want to bring about a lodge like look, then rustic dressers with drawers is a good compliment to the bed.  When you pick the furniture, pay attention to the knobs and handles to make sure they are all matching with one another in some way.  Vintage style knobs work best with the rustic bedroom furniture. They bring serenity to the atmosphere.

Now that you have two of the items figured out, let us move on to the third one. A Rustic Wood Armoire Wardrobe will add a great functionality while you stay in the theme. Armoires can be picked with room for hanging cloths or simply shelves for folded cloths to sit. This is a choice you need to make. You can also pick Armoire with drawers inside them. Don’t forget to make keys for the drawers. They come in handy if you want to store something valuable.

Let us take care of the Rustic nightstands for both sides of the bed. They are both functional and also adds style to the room. They are very useful for your alarm clocks and coffee cups while you are sitting on your bed and reading. While picking the rustic wood nightstands, consider whether you want to go with storage space in them? Or just only a shelf? Why not a drawer at the top for your reading glasses, highlighters etc. and a shelf in the bottom for magazines. You can be creative on this.

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