About Our Srore

We are a family owned and operated furniture and home décor store in Charlotte, North Carolina. We value honesty, commitment and wellness for our fellow humans, their posterity, and the planet they will inhabit. We all love different things which is what makes us unique. However, furniture is a necessity for our living. It adds to the beauty and comfort of our homes. However, we cannot sacrifice our planet for comfort. So, we won’t force you to.

The motivation behind Reborn Furnishings established in 2018, came with two simple ideas.

  1. Recycling: Turning existing material into new furniture, thus reducing the consumption of our planet’s resources, and leaving it in a better condition for our next generation.
  2. Reusing: Sourcing beautiful vintage pieces that are in excellent condition and can be used for generations. Thus, making more of less and helping the planet.

We hope to bring you vintage elements from around the four corners of this little globe to adorn your homes. If you are in Charlotte, NC, please stop by our store and say hi.