Indian Furniture Store Charlotte North Carolina

When it comes to furniture, India is a pioneer in hand carved solid wood furniture industry. The old techniques and tools of furniture making is passed down generations after generations. The artisans in India create one of the finest hand carved furniture in the world.

Reborn Furnishings is proud in serving the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities importing the authentic furniture from India and Pakistan. Our online presence has become a huge help for Desi communities living in USA and Canada.

Our growing collection of Indian furniture has earned us a place in USA. We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We invite you to visit our warehouse for latest imports and for deals.

While many of the furniture retails giants sell quality contemporary style furniture, they are no match for the authentic luxury furniture from India and Pakistan. Here is a growing list of furniture we import from India and Pakistan.

Solid Wooden Indoor Swings: We carry 15 styles of swings for you to choose from. We can customize several elements of the swings. Please keep in mind that any customizations may take weeks as all the work is done in India and Pakistan.

Solid Wood Ornate Sofa: The sofas from India and Pakistan stand out in their finish, fabric and the ornaments they are made with. Browse our sofa category to select the sofa that will brighten your living room and set it apart from the regular furniture.

Solid Wood Majestic Doors and Windows: The Persian architecture that came to India during the time of Mogul rule is reflected in the magnificent door frames that are made with solid wood and hand carved to a breathtaking perfection. Reborn Furnishings hopes to bring door frames that will drop the jaws of your visitors upon their stunning sight of the door.

Rustic Wood Furniture: The state of Rajasthan in India produces superb quality wood furniture.  The furniture made with mango wood, Rosewood, Acacia and Teak has found home in many western nations including USA. The artisans have also pioneered in making furniture from wood that is reclaimed from other furniture or structures. This type of authentic reclaimed wood furniture brought with them ancient remnants and history by preserving the vintage elements in them.

We are glad you are here. If you would like to custom make a furniture or customize a furniture piece in our site to your liking, please contact us.